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Appeal Process

A basic overview of the appeal process is shown on this flow chart.
Some aspects of the appeal process are set out in sections 19, 69 and 72 of the Oil and Gas Activities Act. Section 20 of the Act identifies additional powers and procedures from the Administrative Tribunals Act that apply to the Tribunal. One of those additional powers given to the Tribunal is the power to make Rules governing the appeal process. The Tribunal issued its first Rules in 2011, and made significant amendments to its Rules in 2016.

To assist parties and participants in the appeal process, the Tribunal has created a comprehensive Practice and Procedure Manual. The Manual explains the appeal process in detail and cites the legislation and/or Rule that may apply to a subject, and any Tribunal policy relevant to that subject.

The Tribunal has also created Information Sheets on specific topics, including “How to Start an Appeal”. It has also created “Notice of Appeal” forms.

Finally, in accordance with section 12 of the Administrative Tribunals Act, the Tribunal has issued a Practice Directive setting out the general time frames for holding a hearing and for issuing decisions.

*For more information about administrative tribunals in British Columbia, preparing for a hearing and administrative law generally, see the information and short videos on the website titled “A Guide to Administrative Law in BC” produced by the Justice Education Society at